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368,379 people killed, 306,096 injured and over $2,815,931,000 in economic damages

Where is the science?

This category contains only cases that are backed by scientific studies or case reports, for those of you who insist on evidence.

Here are 365,632 people who were harmed by someone not thinking critically.

1 Cambodian woman

Age: 33

Lead poisoning
February 19, 1997

Asian folk remedy Read more & more

1 melanoma patient

Jerusalem, Israel

Delayed treatment, worsening disease

Homeopatthy Read more

10 liver transplant patients

Age: 21 - 56

Liver failure
August 2003

In this study, half of the 20 liver transplant patients studied had taken herbal or dietary supplements that have known toxic effects to the liver. In seven cases, there was no other identifiable cause of liver failure. Read more

105 Belgian patients

Brussels, Belgium

Severe kidney disease
1990 - 1992

This study found 105 patients who had taken a Chinese herbal weight-loss pill that contained Aristolochia. They developed kidney disease and in cases cancer. Aristolochia was later banned in several countries. Read more & more

2 female patients

Age: 31, 34

Lead poisoning

Ayurvedic medicine Read more

Over 200 chiropractic patients

Age: 31 - 80

Serious harm including strokes, paraplegia
2001 - 2007

This meta-study in JRSM found more than 200 patients who were suspected to have been seriously harmed by spinal manipulation. Read more

21 cases of injury

Spokane, Washington

Burns, blocked ear canal, punctured ear drum

Ear candles Read more & more

3 female patients

Age: 19, 56, 62

Lead poisoning

Ayurvedic medicine Read more

33 breast cancer patients

Karachi, Pakistan

Delayed treatment, worsening disease

This study found that many breast cancer patients in Pakistan delayed medical treatment in favor of homeopathic remedies. Read more

34 child chiropractic patients

Age: 3 months - 15 years

Serious injury, delayed diagnosis of disease
December 18, 2006

This meta-study in Pediatrics found one death and 13 other serious injuries to children undergoing chiropractic manipulation. It also found 20 other cases of delayed diagnosis of disease or inappropriate use of chiropractic. Read more

36 Colorado patients

western Colorado

6 died, 10 colectomies, 36 total infections

This New England Journal of Medicine report is on an outbreak of amebiasis spread by colonic irrigation equipment at a chiropractic clinic in Colorado. Six patients died, thirty others required surgery or hospital care. Read more

365,000 South African AIDS patients

South Africa

365,000 premature deaths
2000 to 2005

A study by Harvard researchers estimates that if the South African government had abandoned its President's AIDS denialist policies and provided antiretroviral drugs, it could have prevented 365,000 premature deaths. Read more & more

41 children

Age: 8 months - 5 years

Lead poisoning

Traditional ethnic folk remedies Read more

47 children

Age: 0 - 14

2000 - 2005

Belief in witchcraft Read more & more

5 female patients

Age: 25, 52, 57, 40, 56
New York

Lead poisoning

Ayurvedic medicine Read more

5 women

Age: 26,34,39,40,57

Nov 1994 - Jan 1995

This report found 5 women who used a homeopathic preventative instead of conventional medicine prior to a trip to Africa. On return, all five had malaria. Read more

51 African patients

Johannesburg, South Africa

32 died, 19 hospitalized

This study of 78 patients in a South African hospital suffering from kidney failure who had recently used folk remedies, found that in the majority of cases the folk remedy itself was the most likely cause. Read more

7 breast cancer patients

Karachi, Pakistan

Delayed treatment, worsening disease

This study found at least 7 patients who delayed treatment of their breast cancer in favor of "spiritual therapy." Read more

7 breast cancer patients

Karachi, Pakistan

Delayed treatment, worsening disease

This study found at least 7 breast cancer patients who delayed treatment in favor of ayurvedic medicine. Read more

7 New York tea drinkers

Age: 38,39,20,10,35,40,18
New York City, New York

March 20-23, 1994

This case report tells how several people were hospitalized after drinking herbal "Paraguay tea". It was found that the raw leaves had been contaminated with belladonna. Read more

"John Doe"

Age: 50

Lead poisoning

Ayurvedic medicine Read more

"John Doe"

Age: 56
Phoenix, Arizona

Argyria (irreversible skin condition)
November 2000

This case report of argyria from colloidal silver supplements is from Good Samaritan Medical Center, and highlights the possibility of toxicity and the limited role of the FDA in regulating this. Read more & more

"John Doe"

Age: 38
Davis, California

Argyria (irreversible skin condition)

Colloidal silver remedy found on internet Read more

"John Doe"

Age: 37
Houston, Texas

Post-op bleeding

After surgery to remove a tumor, two additional operations were required to deal with unexpected bleeding. Later it was discovered the patient drank ginseng tea daily for its herbal effects. Ginseng has a known anti-coagulant effect on blood. Read more

"John Doe"

Age: 32
Nottingham, England

Died (liver failure)

This case report is of a man who took a Chinese herbal remedy called "eternal life". Within five weeks he was gravely ill. His liver had failed and no other cause of that could be found. Read more

"John Doe"

Stanford, California

Argyria (permanent skin condition)
December 2006

Another case report of argyria caused by colloidal silver, this one from Stanford University Medical Center. Read more

"John Doe"

Tokyo, Japan

September 2003

This case report is of the autopsy of a patient who experienced shortness of breath right after an acupuncture treatment. Both lungs had collapsed. The patient died within 90 minutes. Read more

"John Doe"


Injured (perineal gangrene)

This case report from Tan Tock Seng Hospital is of a patient who developed life-threatening perineal gangrene as a result of a perforation of his rectum caused by colonic hydrotherapy (an 'alternative medicine' treatment). Read more

"John Doe"

Age: 55
Honolulu, Hawaii


He was diagnosed with sinus cancer, and found an alternative cure involving hydrazine sulfate on the internet. He bought it over the net and treated himself. He was hospitalized and died with (among other things) severe liver and kidney damage. Read more & more

"Jane Roe"

Age: 73
Des Moines, Iowa

Acute hepatitis

This case report is of a woman admitted with acute hepatitis. No cause could be found, and she initially denied taking home remedies. Later she admitted taking aloe vera orally for constipation. Discontinuing it alleviated her symptoms. Read more

"Jane Roe"

Age: 57
Evangelisches Krankenhaus, Köln-Kalk, Germany

Acute hepatitis

Another case report of a female patient with hepatitis who was using oral aloe vera as an herbal remedy. When discontinued, her symptoms resolved completely. Read more

"Jane Roe"

Age: 54
Davis, California

Arsenic poisoning

This case report is of a woman who had various symptoms which disabled her from work. It was found she took daily kelp supplements and her urine contained arsenic. The arsenic was proven to be coming from the kelp, which was discontinued. Read more

"Jane Roe"

Age: 37
New Hampshire

Lead poisoning

Ayurvedic medicine Read more

"Jane Roe"

Age: 40
Nice, France

Malaria, multiple organ failure
November 18, 2000

This case report is about a woman who used a homeopathic malaria preventative, but contracted malaria. At one point she suffered multiple organ failure. Read more & more

"Jane Roe"

Age: 30
Wellington, New Zealand


This case report is of a woman who was diagnosed with pelvic abscesses and other complications six months after having colonic hydrotherapy. These were treated surgically and with antibiotics, and she recovered fully. Read more

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