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368,379 people killed, 306,096 injured and over $2,815,931,000 in economic damages

What's the harm in Reparative Therapy?

Reparative therapy is an attempt to change someone's sexual orientation, usually undertaken in a religious context. Needless to say this is controversial.  Read more about Reparative Therapy

Here are 8 people who were harmed by someone not thinking critically.

Bobby Griffith

Age: 20
Walnut Creek, California


After he came out to his family at 17, he was pressured by them and his church to change. He committed suicide. His mother regretted this and now campaigns for GLBT issues. The story is told in a book including Bobby’s diaries. Read more

Judd Eccles Hardy

Age: 17
Salt Lake City, Utah

Attempted suicide

The family’s Mormon beliefs did not allow for homosexuality. Judd was enrolled in reparative therapy and stopped attending church with the family. After he attempted suicide, the family broke with their church and supported gay rights publicly. Read more

Stuart Matis

Age: 32
Los Altos, California

February 25, 2000

He was raised a devout Mormon. His church told him his homosexuality was wrong and he was advised to undergo reparative therapy. He committed suicide and wrote in his note that he hoped his church would learn to accept homosexuals. Read more & more

Shawn O'Donnell

Age: 21
Elgin, Illinois

Two attempts at suicide

He had 10 years of reparative therapy to attempt to cure his homosexuality. The therapists told him untrue things about his parents. The result was depression and two attempted suicides. He has now recovered. Read more

Photo of Michael Pattinson

Michael Pattinson

Age: 57
Paris, France

Lost thousands in Scientology
1973 - 1997

Scientologists claimed they could cure him of being gay. During his time in the church, they charged him over half a million dollars. Read more & more

Anna Wakefield

Age: 29
Elgin, Illinois

February 28, 1997

She came out as a lesbian to her mother, a follower of James Dobson. The next nine years were “pretty stormy” and ended with her suicide. Later her mother realized that reparative therapy does not work, and now campaigns for gay rights. Read more & more

"Micah X"

Age: 23
Des Moines, Iowa

Attempted suicide

He knew he was gay in eighth grade, but started reparative therapy at age 16. Within a year he had attempted suicide. After quitting the therapy he is happy now. Read more

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