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368,379 people killed, 306,096 injured and over $2,815,931,000 in economic damages

What's the harm in magick?

Magick refers to the general belief in spells, talismans and other supernatural means of achieving things.  Read more about magick

Here are 532 people who were harmed by someone not thinking critically.

Florentino V. Floro Jr.

Age: 54
Manila, Philippines

Fired from his job as judge
April 2006

He claimed that three invisible mystic elves helped him render decisions and heal people in his chambers. The Supreme Court ruled that psychic powers have no place in the court room and fired him from his job. Read more & more

Baba Jallow & 7 others

Age: 28
Serekunda, Gambia & Ghana

Beaten to death
October 9, 2003

He was accused of stealing another man's penis through sorcery, and a mob of ten people beat him to death for it. Seven other cases like this happened in Ghana in 1997. Read more

Yanadi Kondaiah

Age: 80
Chittoor, India

Leg amputated by two men
December 11, 2007

He claimed his leg had magical powers. Two men decided they'd rather have those powers to themselves, amputated his leg, and left him for dead. Read more & more

Ralph Edang N'na & at least 300 others

Age: 13
Ogooué-Ivindo province, Gabon

March 2008

Politicians in Gabon sometimes use blood and human organs in black magick rituals to help their chances during elections. Ralph's body was found drained of blood and with gaping wounds. Activists have documented hundreds of other cases. Read more

Delia Ponce

Age: 20
San Antonio, Texas

Second & third degree burns, intensive care
January 22, 2002

She asked a folk healer to help her win back her boyfriend, but the ceremony started a fire. She was left with burns on her face and torso. Read more

Alysha & Kendra Suing

Age: 8, 10
Sioux City, IA

January 6, 2008

Their stepfather was performing "some strange ritual" but the house filled with smoke. Firefighters were called and found the children in a smoke-filed bedroom. The stepfather was charged. Read more & more

Ashi Terfa

Benue State, Nigeria

Died (gunshot wound)
December 2003

A client asked this herbalist to prepare him a charm against bullets. After preparing it, he put it on and had the client aim a gun at his head to test it. The charm did not work, and he died instantly. Read more

164 Indonesians

Banjuwangi, Java, Indonesia

October 1998

A wave of murders swept eastern Java, fueled in part by fear of 'sorcery', belief in which is common here. Roving gangs of vigilantes murdered over 164 people in retribution. Read more & more

42 Indonesian women

Age: 11 to 30
Lubukpakam, Sumatera Utara, Indonesia

1986 - 1997

A man believed his father's ghost came to him in a dream and told him to kill 70 women so he could have magical powers. Belief in sorcery is widespread in Indonesia, and he used that to lure women to their deaths. He was executed in July 2008. Read more & more & more

9 deceased Gabon citizens

Libreville, Gabon

Graves desecrated
2004 - July 16, 2008

Belief in magic potions and amulets is common here. This has led to grave robbing, as human skulls & bones are used as raw materials. Eight suspects were arrested on charges of grave robbing, and nine skulls were recovered. Read more

"John Doe"

Age: 87
Perth, Australia

AUS $40,000

Magic talismans Read more

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