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368,379 people killed, 306,096 injured and over $2,815,931,000 in economic damages

What's the harm in expert witnesses?

Expert witnesses bring science into the courtroom. But sometimes they bring pseudoscience or push the limits of science, and justice is not served.  Read more about expert witnesses

Here are 14 people who were harmed by someone not thinking critically.

Photo of Kirk Noble Bloodsworth

Kirk Noble Bloodsworth

Age: 23
Baltimore County, Maryland

Wrongly sentenced to death, 9 years in prison
1984 - 1993

He was convicted of murder and sentenced to death, based in part on forensic evidence supposedly linking his shoes to marks on the victim. DNA testing later proved he could not have committed the crime. Read more

Jimmy Ray Bromgard

Age: 18
Billings, Montana

Wrongfully convicted, 15 years in prison
1987 - 2002

A forensic expert testified that hairs found at the scene belonged to Bromgard. A peer review later called the statistics used "breathtakingly absurd". DNA testing later proved his innocence. Read more & more & more

Photo of Angela Cannings

Angela Cannings

Age: 39
Salisbury, Wiltshire, England

Wrongfully convicted to prison
Apr. 16, 2002 - Dec. 10, 2003

She was convicted of murdering two of her children based in part on an expert's testimony that multiple SIDS deaths (aka "cot deaths") in one family are very unlikely. She was later exonerated and the expert was disciplined. Read more & more

Lindy & Michael Chamberlain

Age: 36 & 38
Uluru, NT, Australia

Wrongfully convicted of murdering their child
Oct. 29, 1982 - Feb. 7, 1986

She claimed a dingo took her baby in the night. An expert testified a test indicated blood in the family car, conflicting with her story. Evidence emerged years later which exonerated them. Read more & more & more

Photo of Clyde Charles

Clyde Charles

Age: 27
Houma, Louisiana

Wrongfully imprisoned for 17 years
1982 - 1999

A criminalist testified two hairs on his shirt were "similar" to those of the victim. He was sentenced to prison. DNA testing later proved that he could not have committed the crime. Read more & more

Photo of Sally Clark

Sally Clark

Age: 38
Wilmslow, Cheshire, England

Wrongfully imprisoned for 3 years
November 1999 - January 2003

An expert testified there was only a "one in 73 million" chance that her two children both died of cot death (aka SIDS), and therefore she must have murdered them. Statisticians later called this number "poor science". She was later exonerated. Read more & more

Photo of Alejandro Dominguez

Alejandro Dominguez

Age: 16
Waukegan, Illinois

Wrongly convicted, 4 years in prison
1990 - 1994

Even though the blood evidence in the case could include 2/3 of all the men in the world, the serologist did not admit this on the stand. DNA testing later proved that he could not have been the perpetrator, and his conviction was set aside. Read more & more

Photo of Steven Linscott

Steven Linscott

Oak Park, Illinois

Wrongfully convicted, 3 years in prison, 7 years on bond
1982 - 1992

After a neighbor was murdered, he admitted to police that he had had a dream of a similar murder. A jury took just hours to convict him based on this and some flimsy hair analysis testimony. DNA tests later proved he could not have been the murderer. Read more & more

Guy Paul Morin

Age: 25
Queensville, Ontario, Canada

Wrongfully convicted of murder
April 22, 1985 - Jan. 23, 1995

He was convicted of the murder of his 9 year old neighbor on the basis of exaggerated hair and fiber evidence. A DNA test later proved he could not have been the killer. An exhaustive inquiry later examined many flaws in the trial. Read more

Larry Souter

White Cloud, Michigan

Wrongfully convicted, 13 years in prison
1992 - 2005

A woman was hit by the mirror of a vehicle and killed. The crime went unsolved for years. An expert said her wound was consistent with being hit by a bottle found nearby. Larry was convicted. Later a witness came forward and the expert recanted. Read more & more

Photo of Ron Williamson & Dennis Fritz

Ron Williamson & Dennis Fritz

Ada, Oklahoma

Wrongfully convicted, 11 years in prison
1988 - 1999

Williamson was sentenced to death, Fritz to life. This was based in part on hair samples at the scene. DNA testing later proved the hair could not have come from them, and they were freed. Read more & more & more & more

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