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368,379 people killed, 306,096 injured and over $2,815,931,000 in economic damages

What's the harm in detoxification?

The alternative health world is rife with methods to "detoxify" your body. Actually, your body is amazingly good at dealing with this issue all by itself.  Read more about detoxification

Here are 17 people who were harmed by someone not thinking critically.

Christopher Arbuckle

Age: 25
Portland, Oregon

October 26, 1991

He was taking a Scientology "Purification Rundown" which involved extreme exercise and vitamin megadoses. He died of liver failure and his parents filed suit against the church. Read more

Paride Ella

Age: 22
Grassobio, Bergamo, Italy

February 19, 1995

Just beginning Narconon treatment, he endured 5 days of agony including vomiting and diarrhea. He was taken to a hospital and died. Read more

Photo of Vecko Krsteski

Vecko Krsteski

Age: 37
Oatley, NSW, Australia

February 26, 2002

Vecko saw a naturopath for his chronic kidney condition. He was put on a "detoxification" program and lost 11kg in 10 days. The naturopath is on trial. Read more & more

Pauline Major

Age: 40
Trelawne, Looe, Cornwall, England

Epileptic fits
July 1997

While on a diet she was advised to drink more and more water, up to 5 liters per day. She had epileptic fits and was hospitalized. She recovered, but still feels the effects years later. Read more

Lisanne Manseau

Age: 12
Hull, Quebec, Canada

Died (untreated diabetes)
March 28, 1994

After consulting a crystal ball, a pendulum and an angel, a naturopath replaced Lisanne's insulin with a variety of natural remedies to "detoxify" her. She died only three days after beginning treatment. The naturopath was convicted of manslaughter. Read more & more

John Martellacci

Age: 27
Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada

July 15, 2005

John needed to get clean from drugs for his upcoming wedding. He was given a controversial rapid detox program that is not covered by the government health plan. He died that day. Read more

Photo of Lisa McPherson

Lisa McPherson

Age: 36
Clearwater, Florida

Died (untreated psychiatric disorder)
December 5, 1995

Lisa became a Scientologist at 18. She had psychological issues which were treated using the precepts of the church. When she died she was underweight, severely dehydrated and bruised. Charges were filed and later dropped. Read more

Danny Oppenheim Jr. & another patient

Age: 33
Kansas City, Kansas

January 2004

He flew to Michigan to undergo a controversial rapid detox program. He died during the procedure. The doctors were sued and their licenses suspended. Read more

Photo of Dawn Page

Dawn Page

Age: 52
Holton, Oxford, England

Brain damage, £810,000 awarded
October 2001

She went to a nutritionist for help losing weight. She was allegedly put on a "detox diet" involving massive amounts of water and no salt. She suffered brain damage and was awarded £810,000 by a court. The nutritionist denies she is to blame. Read more

Guissepe Tomba

Age: 26
Solaro, Milano, Italy

February, 1995

Just beginning Narconon treatment, he endured days of agony including vomiting and diarrhea. Then his heart stopped. Read more

Brendan Woolhead

Age: 34
London, England


A heroin addict, he was treated with a controversial and expensive ultra rapid opiate detox procedure. His doctor had a financial interest in a company that was commercializing the procedure, and he lost his license as a result. Read more & more

"Federica X"

Age: 33
Torre dell'Orso, Meledugno, Italy

October 11, 2002

Federica complained of stomach pains while at a Narconon center, a few days later she was dead. Read more

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