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368,379 people killed, 306,096 injured and over $2,815,931,000 in economic damages

What's the harm in Attachment Therapy?

Attachment therapy is a method of treating children with "Reactive Attachment Disorder" that is thought to be dangerous and ineffective by reputable therapists.  Read more about Attachment Therapy

Here are 30 people who were harmed by someone not thinking critically.

S.M. Abbott

Age: 5
Benton County, Minnesota

Abused, tortured
August 1994

After her mother was killed in an accident, she behaved abnormally. Her parents used "holding therapy" (aka attachment therapy) to treat her. She was hospitalized for weeks. Custody of the girl was eventually awarded to her maternal grandmother. Read more

Lucas Ciambrone

Age: 7
Bradenton, Florida

May 13, 1995

Prosecutors said that Lucas had been starved, bitten, beaten and forced to sleep in an empty bathroom. This was claimed to be "attachment therapy" for the adopted child. The mother was convicted of murder. Read more

Roberta Evers

Age: 6
Bayfield, Colorado

June 13, 1998

Before being adopted, Roberta had suffered from fetal alcohol syndrome, abuse, depression & insomnia. Her foster parents took to restraining her in her bed at night. She died in that bed, and they were convicted of negligent child abuse. Read more

11 Gravelle adoptees

Wakeman, Ohio

Kept in cages
September 12, 2005

Attachment therapy Read more

Jessica Albina Hagmann

Age: 2
Manassas, Virginia

August 11, 2003

She was adopted from Russia, but had problems adjusting to her new home. Her mother got a book on Attachment Therapy and used the techniques to calm a tantrum. The girl was smothered to death. The mother got probation and a suspended sentence. Read more

2 Hansen adoptees

Age: Pre-school
Saratoga Springs, Utah

Denied food
February 2002

These two adopted Russian children had their food withheld, sometimes for days at a time, as discipline. The parents were charged but avoided jail time. Read more

Roxanne Lee Heiser

Age: 7
Liberty Hill, Texas

Denied food, medical care
January 5, 2000

She begged for food at school and was found rummaging through garbage for scraps. Her father and stepmother had denied her food and medical care. They were convicted of negligence & served two years. Read more

4 Jackson children

Collingswood, New Jersey

Denied food
October 10, 2003

Attachment therapy Read more

Photo of Cassandra Killpack

Cassandra Killpack

Age: 4
Springville, Utah

Died (water intoxication)
June 10, 2002

Cassandra had temper tantrums, and her adoptive parents sought out attachment therapists. During an "intensive" session, she was fed a lethal amount of water, and she died. Read more

Photo of Logan Lynn Marr

Logan Lynn Marr

Age: 5
Chelsea, Maine

January 31, 2001

Logan had behavioral issues, and "attachment therapy" was chosen to treat her. Her caseworker went so far as to duct tape her to a chair. She suffocated, and the woman responsible was convicted of manslaughter. Read more

Photo of Viktor Alexander Matthey

Viktor Alexander Matthey

Age: 7
Union Township, New Jersey

October 31, 2000

Viktor was an adopted child who had behavioral issues. His parents duct taped his mouth, locked him in a room and mistreated him in other ways. The "attachment therapy" community supported their actions, but they were convicted of crimes. Read more

Photo of Candace Newmaker

Candace Newmaker

Age: 10
Lincolnton, North Carolina

April 18, 2000

Candace was removed from her birth home for neglect and adopted by a couple in Colorado. The sought out Attachment Therapy for her behavior issues, and she was suffocated during a session intended to simulate childbirth. Read more & more & more

David Alexander Polreis

Age: 2
Greeley, Colorado

February 11, 1996

The adopted boy from Russia had temper tantrums and other behavioral problems. His parents adopted "attachment therapy" to deal with him. They boy ended up dead. The mother was sentenced to 18 years in prison. Read more

Andrea Swenson

Age: 13
Tulsa, Oklahoma

November 9, 1990

Attachment therapy Read more & more

Photo of Krystal Ann Tibbets

Krystal Ann Tibbets

Age: 3
Midvale, Utah

July 8, 1995

Attachment therapy Read more

Jeannie Warren

Age: 15
Fort Worth, Texas

Abused, tortured
June 1990

Attachment therapy Read more

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